Star Chart Support & FAQ for Apple devices:

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Problems with Augmented Reality
Location Problems
Problems with Compass
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AR Support

  • AR Support: Please note that Star Chart requires a compass and accelerometer / gyroscope to function in Augmented Reality mode. Star Chart will work on older iPhones and iPods, but you will need to pan the sky using your fingers.
  • AR issues: On devices with a built-in compass Augmented Reality mode should kick-in automatically if the device is pointed up at the sky. If it does not, please ensure the AR-mode toggle button in the settings menu is set to "AUTO".
    Location Problems

  • GPS Failing to find Location:
    - Ensure you have allowed Star Chart to use location services on your device. If this was disabled then your device will withhold location updates from the application. To enable them, go to your device's Settings -> Location Services and ensure Star Chart is set to ON.
    - Quit out of Star Chart and ensure that it's not running as a background task by double tapping the 'Home' button on your device, then hold down over the Star Chart icon and close it. This will ensure it starts up again from scratch and attempts to find the GPS - otherwise it won't try to re-establish its location.
    - If it still fails to find GPS after trying the above first, from within Star Chart, go to Settings -> Location and choose your location manually from the globe.
  • Time and Time Zone: Ensure your device is set to the correct time, and just as importantly, the correct time zone. Star Chart needs both these pieces of information in order to work properly.
  • Location: Star Chart also needs to know where you are located to accurately draw the skies as you would see them in your current location. Where possible we get this from GPS data available to us on your device.



  • Compass: Sometimes devices with compasses lose accuracy and the compass needs recalibrating. This is often the case when you experience either "stickyness" or lack of movement, obviously inaccurate directional pointing (you know you're pointing north, but Star Chart seems to be pointing another direction) or if the screen pans in a different direction to your physical movement. If this happens, hold your iPhone out at arms length and make a figure-of-eight motion with your arm three or four times. This should recalibrate it.

  • More serious issues: If your problems with Star Chart are more severe than those mentioned above, we ask that you reinstall the app. Delete Star Chart from your Home Screen and re-install it by downloading it again directly from the App Store (you will not be charged again). If your problem persists, please contact us at:


  • Finally Star Chart only works on Earth. So please don't take it with you on interstellar missions - it'll only get you lost ;).

    Your Privacy

  • Privacy: We take your privacy seriously. To find out more view our policy here.