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Star Chart

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Can’t see the moon? Want to know where it is? Look through the eyes of your smartphone to see a virtual window into the whole visible universe.

Using state of the art GPS technology, an accurate 3D Universe, and high tech mobile device functionality, Star Chart calculates – in real time - the current location of every star and planet visible from earth and shows you where they are, all in the palm of your hand.


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Star Chart is also available to purchase on the:

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Current User Ratings

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Current iTunes Rating: 4.5 Stars
Current Android Marketplace Rating: 4.3 Stars


Customer Reviews

This is what our customers have said about Star Chart:

“It adds an entirely new dimension to the regular star chart apps. It brings out the story behind the constellations and gets conversations started about the histories and cultures behind the names given. It's a great teaching and learning tool as well as just being fun.”
Katherine Lovett

"I'm the stargazer, but this program is so pretty in use that the wife likes to view it too. 5 stars. Droid X."
Android Reviewer

"This app totally took me and my friends by surprise when down in Cornwall. There was definitely a bit of a Bill & Ted 'woah' moment when we first fired it up and saw the universe draw itself before our eyes. Beyond that the app has been tremendously informative and helpful."
iTunes Reviewer

"Best astronomy app out there. Emailed suggestions to developer and got a quick positive response - great app with great support!"
Android Reviewer


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